GUIDE REUNION ORGATEC 2022 A Creva Soft Seating B Creva Table C Creva Stool Universal and flexible, Creva soft seating was designed to provide more seamless work experience. Available in a wide range of varieties, ranging from one-seater sofas to extensive configurations. An extraordinary desk series that succeeds in transposing the design aesthetics of home furniture to the office environments. Perfect for Connect & Create zones in the office – for informal one-to-one meetings and for the team work. The design language of the Creva stool is entirely based on a circular geometry, resulting in a clear-cut, minimalist look. The line-up consists of stools or bar stools, available with either a wooden or metal frame, complemented by a bench. F Bound An inspiring furniture series, which on the one hand is the epitome of contemporary design and on the other hand, thanks to its soft lines, exudes an aura of cosiness adding an inviting feel to any space. D Creva Wall E Genaya A perfect solution to create room-in-room spaces. Together with Creva soft seating, table or stool, Creva will create a purpose-driven enclave where people can escape to meet, focus or relax. This modular soft seating series is about creating infinitely versatile configurations. Easily configurable modules typified by soft geometric can be tailored to the needs of any space. G BeWise I Embla The quintessence of the "form follows function" postulate. The chair combines all the features like easy stacking, row linking and mobile desktop that make it a perfect solution for conference, training and seminar spaces. Made entirely of beech, Embla brings nature and biophilic touch to any interior design. Its characteristic silhouette harmonizes soft lines and clear edges. Embla is perfect for offices, waiting rooms, cafés or canteens. H V-Care Created to foster user comfort, the chair combines progressive design and hygienic qualities. The sturdy and slightly curved seat shell seems to mould around a user’s body to improve seating comfort. J Comta K Njord L Lupino Comta goes beyond the usual dimensions and is geared towards communication. Its design language is characterized by slender, tapered legs in an unusual triangular shape. Straight lines with gentle curves and anthracite thermoformed felt. An armchair as light as a stationary chair, with a seat shell that fits perfectly to the body to provide the elevated seating comfort. Characterised by an organic design language and sporty charms – this armchair reflects the dynamics of our time. Offering a high level of individualisation through a fascinating number of options. ABOUT BRANDS NOWY STYL It delivers a comprehensive interior arrangement service based on the analysis of specific needs: work organisation, desired effectiveness as well as ergonomic and acoustic aspects. It has branches in 18 countries. The brand presents its solutions and know-how related to office arrangement in 35 showrooms in locations such as London, Paris, Warsaw, Cracow, Munich, Prague and Budapest. Nowy Styl is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces. KUSCH+CO At Kusch+Co, quality has always been irreplaceable. This concept translates not only into the products, their design, materials and precision, but also into the general approach. Since a man is in the centre of the brand’s interest, Kusch+Co wants to give him the quality, that can truly support his dynamic work- and lifestyle, his everyday and the environment he lives in. Kusch+Co is a design-driven brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality, exceptional design of furniture and specialized solutions for healthcare facilities and passenger terminals.