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MADAME WHITE R19T2 steel 36 chrome ESH-W with a Tilt mechanism

Madame white R19T2 steel36 chrome ESH W Tilt front34 M

Seat and backrest

  • soft upholstered seat and backrest
  • plastic backrest shield available in a range of colours


  • free floating seat and backrest
  • maximum backrest tilt angle 13˚
  • possibility of seat and backrest lock in position to work
  • adjustable backrest tilt force
  • smoothly adjustable chair height with pneumatic lift


  • adjustable armrests with soft pads


  • combination of polished and painted in white aluminum


  • self-braking castors for carpets or parquets
  • seat width: 425
  • seat depth: 498
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Soti, Leather imitation

  • Soti and leather imitation looks very much like natural leather and has similar characteristics – it is water resistant and easy to care for.
  • They can be cleaned with generally available products which do not contain solvents, for example soap suds or dishwashing liquid, without the use of surface-scratching detergents.
  • Clean the surface with a soft sponge or soft cloth. When you have finished, wash and wipe the surface dry.
  • Avoid: hard brushes, hard sponges and coarse cloths, dry-cleaning detergents, alcohol-containing detergents, disinfectants, bleaches, solvents and solvent-containing liquids, and waxing products.
  • All those substances may cause finishes to become discoloured, or even scratched or cracked.


  • It all depends on the characteristics of the fabric you have chosen and how dirty it is. Most fabrics can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with water or an upholstery detergent solution and well-wrung.
  • Stains from pen, lipstick or newspaper print can be removed with products designed specially for these types of stains.
  • In its product portfolio Nowy Styl has upholsteries covered with a special Teflon coating protecting it from stains. Liquids spilled on this kind of upholstery will not be soaked in and can be easily wiped off.
  • However, in the course of intensive use and cleaning the coating wears out, which is why the fabrics may lose their hydrophobic qualities with time. 

Functions of the TILT mechanism:

  • Free floating seat and backrest.
  • Possibility of seat and backrest to lock in work position, allows you to sit comfortably at the desk.
  • Smoothly adjustable chair height.
  • Adjustable backrest tilt force allows user to adjust the tilt force to their weight and provides better seating comfort.
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