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ENJOY R with a Syncron mechanism

Enjoy R Syncron front34 M

Seat and backrest

  • wide comfortable seat and ergonomically profiled backrest
  • fine mesh backrest


  • free floating seat and backrest
  • backrest and seat synchro tilting at the rate 2:1
  • possibility of backrest lock in chosen position
  • adjustable backrest tilt force
  • Anti-shock - the feature controls the backrest to avoid hitting a user’s back
  • Up&Down – easy one-touch backrest height adjustment thanks to a 10 point ratchet system
  • seat depth adjustment
  • smoothly adjustable chair height with pneumatic lift


  • adjustable armrests with soft pads


  • polished aluminum


  • self-braking castors for carpets or parquets
  • seat width: 520
  • seat depth: 425-480
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Functions of the Syncron mechanism:

  • Free floating seat and backrest.
  • Dynamic backrest and synchro seat tilting at the rate of 2:1.
  • Possibility of seat and backrest to lock in chosen position, allows you to sit comfortably at the desk.
  • Side tension- easy adjustment of tilt force by a winch, allows user to adjust the tilt force to their weight and provides better seating comfort.
  • Anti-shock protection - preventing backrest from hitting user's back after the release of motion lever. After the motion lever is released, the backrest will not jolt towards the user's back. Lean gently on the back and then the backrest will go back to the starting position.
  • Seat sliding system- i.e. regulation of its distance from the seat to backrest. Between front edge of the seat and back of the knee part there should be the distance of 2cm. It protects against fatigue and sore feet. This feature allows you to adjust the seat to the needs of almost all potential users.
  • Smoothly adjustable chair height.
  • Up & Down - adjustable backrest height. To adjust a backrest height, hold the backrest with your hands and pull it up smoothly to the appropriate height. Backrest will stop automatically at the appropriate click. This function allows adjustment to the back height of the user.
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