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SALSA wood chrome

SALSA wood front34 M

Seat and backrest

  • Plywood seat and backrest.


  • Chromium plated or powder coated metal frame.


  • Wooden armrests.


  • Link-linking chairs in a rows by means of a plastic covers on a chair's legs.
  • Stacking - max _ pieces.
  • seat width: 445
  • seat depth: 460
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Wood and plywood

  • To clean a wooden chair you only need to wipe its surface with a soft, moist cloth (possibly cotton). You can moisten the cloth in tepid water; after you have finished, remember to wipe the chair dry.
  • Do not use excessively moist cloth as water may penetrate and damage the wood.
  • Avoid strong, alkaline detergents which may damage chair coating.
  • Please bear in mind that wooden surfaces may have variations in the structure of rings and colour shades, as well as smudges or dots in different forms. These are natural effects due to the structure of a tree trunk, so complaints in this regard will not be accepted.
  • Wood surface may be scratched by metal accessories in user's clothes, which is why laminated chairs with enhanced resistance to scratching and chipping are usually recommended for public interiors.



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