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Our programme



The Nowy Styl Group is one of the most dynamically growing furniture groups. We want our product portfolio to include comprehensive office solutions and be available to users throughout the world. By listening carefully to the expectations of our environment when creating hundreds of new products we make sure we always remember about the responsibility we have for the environment we operate in. We have been practicing a policy of eco-mindedness and social responsibility for many years. We follow our Eco-Logical agenda in three areas: People, Product and Environment.



As an employer with significant influence in the region we are responsible for the shape of the local job market. We see respect and fair treatment as fundamental for building our relations with employees. We support the re-engagement of people who have been excluded from the job market (jobseekers older than 50 years, persons with disabilities, inmates). We have a policy of not hiring children younger than 16 years of age. We act legally and fully respect civil liberties. We work to be on equal terms with our customers, suppliers and contractors. We respect our competitors. We only cooperate with companies which observe human rights.

Our charity activity is carried out through Janusz Korczak Foundation.



The main goal of what we do is the satisfaction of our customers. Product safety and quality are the points of departure for us in the making of great products. Before a product is released on the market we have it tested at our in-house research department. The safety of most of our goods is certified by independent institutions. To guarantee problem-free use of our products we provide our customers with assembly and operation manuals. With the development of our operations we aim to become fully ecologically responsible for our supply chain and extend the life cycle of our products.