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Composite chairs

So far, the Nowy Styl Group has undertaken a number of activities to rationalize material and raw material management in the production of its furniture. Environmental Policy Objectives outlined by the Group's Management Board have given rise to many pro-ecological initiatives, including minimization of energy and water consumption and waste reduction. Now, aided by European Funds, we have developed a new technology allowing for maximized utilization of materials.

The project we completed last year entitled "Development and Implementation of Production Technology for Making Composite Products from Post-Production Waste", co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, offers a pro-ecological alternative.  It is about replacing components which have been used so far with elements manufactured from waste produced in the course of manufacturing processes (such as wood-based waste and cuttings of upholstery fabrics). As a result, we have been able to reduce the use of primary raw materials in manufacturing plants of the Nowy Styl Group. Upholstered models of the popular chairs:  VENUS, VEGA and FOSCA from Nowy Styl, which can be seen in many cafés, homes and rest & refreshment areas will now be made using the latest eco-technologies.

 "VENUS, VEGA and FOSCA chairs are made using moulds for producing finished, completely shaped elements which don't need any additional processing such as cutting or milling. This kind of process eliminates any redundant waste. What's more, materials used to manufacture composite components include mainly appropriately ground and dried wood waste and cuttings of upholstery fabrics. So prepared ingredients are mixed in the right proportion and glued together with an adhesive. The suitable amount of the mixture goes into the moulds I mentioned before and is pressed at high temperatures. After the pressing cycle is completed we get a finished element" – says Piotr Hryńczuk, Head of Wood Technology Development Section.