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12 11/2014

The SMART era – we have to move with the times

We are currently living in the SMART era. Normal phones have been replaced with smart phones, shops are overflowing by smart shoppers. All our goals have to be SMART. Nowadays even TV sets are Smart. That is why, there is nothing we can do but prepare a new offer, of course the Smart one.

Many different needs, one solution – Smartline

Why Smartline? Because this line is not limited in any way. Variety of shapes and colours encapsulated in a modern, subtle form will enable you to match tops to any interior. Thanks to resistant and high density materials which the tops are made of, you will be able to use our products both inside and outside. For this line nothing is impossible.

On the red carpet

Such products must have been placed in the proper setting, therefore we had been searching for the right place for a long time. Finally, we discovered unique and amazing interiors of Konfederacka 4 restaurant. In its austere and industrial climate, the colourful Smartline tops looked magnificent.

See the whole session and effects of our work.

More detailed information on our Smartline offer will be available soon. Follow us on our website and Fanpage.

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