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22 10/2018

Comfort and joy for children: new designs of Dream Chairs already on offer

Princesses, unicorns and racing cars – new fairy tale characters are now on the backrests of children's favourite Dream Chairs. They new designs have been selected by children. Krzesła Marzeń is a line of products for children that offers the comfort of sitting, joy and inspiration for learning. The backs of Ministyle chairs, a model proven for many years, now have motifs taken from popular fairy tales. Barbie is the character for girls, and the boys have the fast sports cars Hot Wheels. Chairs are available in two colour versions: black and white. Dream Chairs have become so popular that Nowy Styl decided to expand the range with new upholstery designs.


The new characters were chosen by users - girls and boys aged 4-11 - who decided that backrests should be decorated with unicorns, ballerinas, fairies, princesses and - not seen before - racers. One of the new models of the chair drew the attention of Adriana Sadkiewicz, the author of the blog Lili Natura. It was a chair the blogger's daughter has chosen for her room. "Of course, Róża picked the most colourful one, with rainbows (she absolutely adores the “rainbow” colour) and a unicorn. And so another little girl’s dream has come true, adding an extra colourful twist to her little room” she wrote in her blog post. "A desk chair is quite a serious matter for a first grader. Not only must it be comfortable and good for the little back, but it should also be enjoyed” wrote the blogger. You can take a look at the full offer of Dream Chairs here: