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18 12/2012

Trends in Hotel Interior Furnishings

Every hotel and restaurant has its own style and climate and their interior design largely determines what kind of guests they will have.The decisive factor should not be the budget but the prospective target group. With the range of products available on the market any interior can be furnished to a number of different classes. So the question owners should ask themselves first of all is: who will be the guest of my restaurant? Why will they visit my hotel? That information will determine interior design: the colours, furniture, additional furnishings and the choice of finishes.

What are the things you should consider? Certainly it's the love of modernity. What young and dynamic people look for in holetls and restaurants is the reality of their daily life. Vivid colours, simple and progressive shapes and contrasting juxtapositions. Paradoxically, what this target group wants the most is what it doesn't have, so it will surely appreciate freedom of movement and unlimited space more than a comfortable sofa. With this kind of people in mind we should arrange small meeting corners and make sure they look unconventional. Non-standard juxtapositions do a great job for modern interiors. What counts is the lightness and economy of form, which is the reason for the growing popularity of plastic, also in avant-garde combinations, e.g. with wood. Colourful patches of plastic seats will enliven the interior while well selected wall decorations will complement the design and make the space cosy and worm.


Hotels and restaurants intended for younger guests must think about multimedia too.Of course, internet access is a standard, regardless of the class and intended purpose of your interior. More demanding guests, however, will expect you to go one step further: big screens with interesting animations or unconventional decoration of the bar area. Manufacturers of lighting solutions and electronics try to meet those expectations. Colourful LED lights and ceilings decorated with interstellar dust – such details determine the unique climate of an interior. Modernist decorations like that are the domain of pubs and fast food restaurants - places where young people often go.        

Of course, more traditional interiors will be furnished in a different way.Places for business meetings or family events. What furniture to choose? Classic shapes and toned-down colours will be the perfect choice. A great place to show what we can do is a lounge space furnished with comfortable, upholstered sofas and soft seats. Relaxation is of the essence here so a designer will surely suggest armchairs with broad armrests and comfortable upholsteries creating a unique, cosy climate.

Anna Kordecka-Myślińska, expert for the Nowy Styl brand:      

We recently noticed a growing interest of restaurant and hotel owners. Especially the new collection of plastic chairs for outdoor spaces has become very popular. Yet, in the HoReCa industry plastic chairs are not used in gardens only, as the Italian design has proven great for interiors as well. The fact that hotel and restaurant owners go for that choice proves that people in the industry are becoming more daring and more open. Admittedly, wooden collections are still dominant but increasingly often a breath of fresh air gets in, combining a classic desktop with a unique chair which leads to a very interesting effect.        

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