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12 09/2018

Cafe chairs: a home-like warmth in a café or office

Good-looking, durable and easy to clean – that’s the kind of chairs you want to have in your café or office cafeteria.The Cafe line of chairs combines all these features, plus it introduces a home-like atmosphere into the interior, so you feel as if you were in your own kitchen.

Wooden legs that bring to mind the warmth of nature are an eye-catching feature of Cafe chairs.A distinctive characteristic of the backrest, on the other hand, which can be laminated or made of wood, are intriguing cut-outs that highlight the designer style of the line.The universal shape and a wide range of colours of both backrests and legs make the chair the perfect fit for any room, becoming its prominent feature.

Check out the full range of the Cafe line and find the right chairs for you.

If you are looking for comfortable and good-looking chairs for your dining room, kitchen or cafe, the Cafe line is a hit.

The wooden legs create an original and unique climate.What makes it stand out?The wide range of design configurations, cut out backrest, felt-upholstered seat, the combination of wood and laminate, the large selection of colours and unique design.The chair’s universal shape is winning it recognition from a growing group of customers.Discover our full product range.