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06 09/2018


When furnishing their apartment or office space, people usually look for furniture that meets their requirements: is functional, of good quality and looks great.They tend to choose the kind of furniture that will easily fit into almost any interior.Meet the line of armchairs Hello! and its various faces that can be surprisingly inspiring. 

Hello! has been designed in line with the motto: "light is beautiful". It is small in size and lightweight, which makes it ideal for even small spaces.The armchair line Hello! combines comfort with an unobtrusive form.Hello! can be fully upholstered in leather, imitation leather or many different types of fabrics.It gives you the potential to create a set that will match the character and style of any interior.
Hello! was designed by a recognized industrial design specialist Giancarlo Bisaglia.Thanks to the simple, yet versatile forms of the armchairs, the combination of natural materials brings a fresh and intriguing effect.
See for yourself the potential the Hello! line opens up for you!
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