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19 06/2013

A Bar at home

Do you like to party? How about spending long nights with your friends? Or are you just looking for an interesting way of enlivening the space in your flat? If so, a bar at home is the thing for you.

Many people think of a bar as a piece of furniture you only find in a club or café – it's time to change this. Designed for inside your home, a bar will soon become its heart and you will find it hard to persuade your guests to take seats at the table. All it takes is a raised countertop and a few intriguing ideas to give even a small flat a brand new atmosphere. How to do it?

First thing: the place

A kitchen open to the living room will be perfect. This kind of layout provides enough space and you can move around the bar, which is placed in an island-type arrangement. However, even in a small, windowless kitchen it is possible to make room, e.g. for a fold-out countertop that can comfortably sit two people. The lack of windows will give extra emphasis to the specific atmosphere, which is why many people choose to set up a bar in the basement of their house. Actually, keeping your favourite drinks in the right temperature will be easier there, so if you can afford to lash out like this, why not do it?

Secondly: the decor

Remember: the only limit is your imagination. Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You will need shelves, installed in a corner or alcove, which is where your spirits, syrups and accessories will sit.  Hanging glass racks under the ceiling is a good idea, as it not only saves space but is also great at showing off the interesting shapes of your glasses. Also, you must definitely not forget about the lighting. You can use it to focus your guests' eyes on specific places, such as an interesting artwork on the wall. The popular LED lamps can do miracles: you can stick LED tape almost anywhere and their colour range will surprise even the most demanding customer. It's worth a note that LED lamps are an energy-saving solution, much better than the popular halogen lamps. How to choose the furniture? This is a question of individual preference, of course. Some choose stylish, classic colours. The owner of the bar in Photo 1 chose classic bar colours, which are highlighted by Neron hocker stools with light, openwork structure. The second arrangement is a concept of a minimalist: the light furniture and the Cafe VII hocker stool with interesting lines have turned the bar into a pleasurable meeting place, also in the daylight (Photo 2). An interesting solution has been chosen by owners of the flat in which a regular bar wall has been replaced by a glass-framed photograph. The bar has extra LED lighting and Fondo chairs are waiting for the guests invitingly (Photo 3).

Thirdly – last but not least: the accessories

Glasses for wine and drinks, a blender and a shaker go without saying. A drink measure and, if you're a wine lover, a special funnel will be essential too. Ice tongs and an ice bucket will come in handy as well, and when your ambitions go up a bit, a bar strainer and a muddler used for crushing herbs and fruit so they release their deepest aromas. For starters, you can easily replace that last one with a regular lemon juicer. 



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